Friday, November 24, 2017


The latest incarnation of  my browser has been surprisingly easy to get used to; about an hour or so. that's pretty good I reckon. The primary icons are presented in a different, smaller, bold font, others are easily accessible to view with a click or two. The one habit that might have been a difficult to drop, was working  with  the new icons, now placed on the opposite side to where they used to be, but, it has not.  I believe it is because the new font attracts. The page has a clear clean-looking and tidy task bar.

The only bit of clutter, is stuff that arrives here on Blogspot telling you, exhorting you, to agree to cookies. It is highly satisfying to clear them off.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


It's a while since I posted here. Summer, such as it was, has been and gone. What I would call winter, of which, we are in the early weeks, our meteorologists call Autumn.

It does feel like the goal posts are being moved on so many fronts.  Our old familiar realities have been altered out of recognition.  We do get stuck in ruts at various points of life, not all are comfortable. Hopefully, though, we are able to move on. The world seems to be turned back -to -front and on its head. I am, therefore, not sure what moving on, and on into some of the present alternative realities means. 

Whose realities are they and on what are they based?  The answers will be diverse, in the main, by virtue of culture and experience.  Darwin's proposition of the survival of the fittest is ever omnipresent.  People will  hold onto a range of lifelines while negotiating the quicksands that they are moving through.

A rut might be quite nice after all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


What a din!  I thought it must be a sheep-shearing day at the neighbouring farm.  Mums and their lambs were noisily milling about in front of one of the barns, the doors of which, were firmly shut.


This was not the norm for them.  As far as they were concerned, when you head for the barn forecourt, you naturally move on through the wide open doors of the barn and into it.  The lambs were all born in there, except for the odd one or two, so, both ewes and offspring had a deep formed affinity to the place.  They wanted to be let in and they did not care who knew it.
And of course, it rained, not just any sort of rain, but soaking curtains of rain.


When something is happening with the flock, the weather is always uncertain, especially when the sheep are being treated, or, sorted, or, sheared. It seems like nature is being deliberately perverse. This occasion, the stock were being 'dosed'. You can bet your bottom dollar that when they are sheared, which will be soon, we will experience gales and probably a hail storm or two.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I just want to add my very sincere condolences to those that have been publicly recorded already, to the families and loved ones of  those who were bereaved in Central London yesterday.

I am also thinking about the people who were injured, to all of you, your families and loved ones, my very best wishes.

Monday, March 13, 2017


One afternoon during February, from inside the outside looked bright, cheery and tempting.  So, we, that’s hubs and me, invited ourselves out for a coffee.  There was a noticeable icy breeze, truly icy. It wasn’t too bad once we’d got used to the feel of it. I was glad of the thick jeans I was wearing, (these days, jeans seem to be made with much thinner denim cloth).  Together with my hip length padded jacket and a big scarf wrapped round my collar it all worked a treat. Hubs was well wrapped up too.
Crossing a bridge, I saw a tight ‘ruck’ of Snowdrops, the first I had seen this year. They bank onto a river.  In another week or so, the whole bank should be carpeted with them.

Snowdrops From A Previous Year

We arrived at our destination and found our favourite seating area was free and only one person, the manageress,  was at a table. It was an oasis of calm.  A lot of people favour the same seating area, and  it can be teeming with bodies from whom emanates a very high volume cacophony of sound.  A group of teachers is one of the noisiest.  Next are parents who allow their little offspring with their metal toys -small cars  mostly-to bang them on  the glass table tops. The kids love it. This is an efficient way to clear the nook of other customers!

P1000411 Young Dougal 2
On the way home  we wandered up to a farm and bought some fresh eggs, chatted to the shepherdess, who also runs the egg enterprise and does lots of other things in the modern diversified life of farming.

A plop of icy sleet startled me, followed by a few more plops.  Then I noticed an unexpected clump of bright yellow in the shelter of closely planted leafless bushes.  Crocuses were about to bloom.  Could Spring be just around the corner?


Wednesday, February 08, 2017


There are still the remains of sales in some local shops. I am looking for something in particular and  I was in the one shop that might just have provided it. I browsed the department upstairs where you find cushions, bedding, curtains and some menswear. So far no luck, I could not see what I wanted.  All the staff work downstairs, which is where  I found a shop assistant.  While I was asking, it occurred to me that she might not understand what I was looking for:
Me –“I am looking for a counterpane, do you have any?”   Assistant- “ Could you tell me what that might be?”
It seemed I was speaking a foreign language. I explain it is a bed-cover….she continues to look vacantly at me….. I’m thinking quickly about what might be the current trendy modern translation for 'bed-cover' and I tentatively suggest “A throw”.  Some comprehension dawns.  The assistant tells me there are no throws……“Throws are for Christmas”  !


Thursday, January 05, 2017


I decided to purchase a subscription to an e-card site.  'Subscription',  does, in this case,  mean I pay for using the service; it is advert-free. (I do receive the occasional 'free' e-card from people, usually, they are totally obscured by pop-up and flash advertising. They can put you off e-cards).

I have access to a big selection of e-cards for more occasions than you can dream up, and there are note-cards as well.  Like in a card shop, you can assess the product before you [buy] send. I can also choose  what date I want it to arrive.

It has been intriguing seeing what does not work and what does work for e-card recipients;
  • A very, very small number say the e-cards are 'naff'...fine, they have a choice not to open the card. 
  • Some people don't give their email addresses, so I couldn't send them an e- card anyway.
  • Wistful responses for the tangible written card were quite common.

  • Rare, but I have been asked not to send e-cards.
  • A few contacts don't have their computer systems configured to open e-card mail.  However, they are notified they have been sent an e-card and from whom.  People let me know their position, usually with thanks for the thought.
  • To the majority of my mailed e-cards there was a very positive response.
  • Believe it or not, I was reprimanded for not sending a letter!

    This subscription give my friends a nicely presented e-reply note, (if they wish) which, they do use.

    • There is a lot that has worked for me; I certainly would not be buying the equivalent numbers of cards, nor posting them around the UK and other places in the world. The e-card subscription has added a positive more immediate interactive layer to worldwide friendships.

      Hoping 2017 will be more peaceful than the last, that  the year will be good to you, and  I wish everyone a healthy and happy year!